Decolonizing Fashion


The NWFC was established to end the stubbornly persistent euro – and ethnocentric underpinnings of dominant fashion discourse and to construct alternative narratives. The NWFC acknowledges that fashion systems are diverse, whether independent of (historically), or influenced by (more recently), Western-dominated fashion. It encourages critical investigation and dialogue into that commonly denied, forgotten or otherwise hidden diversity, and explores interconnections among fashion systems outside the dominant ‘world fashion city’ network, by providing a multidisciplinary and multicultural forum where new critical paradigms can be developed from cross-cultural perspectives. The NWFC recognizes that ‘fashion globalization’, far from representing a remedial development, perpetuates Eurocentric biases in fashion description and fact on a wider geographical stage. Consistent with its goals, the NWFC strives to be inclusive and welcomes participation from academics, curators, designers and industry professionals who are creatively and critically involved in fashion systems everywhere in the world.



The NWFC Steering Committee is seeking a partner to host the 5th edition of NWFashion Conference in autumn, 2018. Conferences are high quality, innovative, dynamic, flexible and multicultural. Participation from diverse practitioners as well as academics and curators is not just welcome, but indispensable.

The NWFC encourages hosts from anywhere in the world. Hosts may be university departments, museums, fashion or art schools, fashion events, fashion publications or fashion film festivals.

The conference is developed in partnership with the NWFC Steering Committee. Background, guidelines, application form and time frame are here.

Deadline for submission of forms: 1 September 2017.