Conference 2012

1st International NWFashionConference


Centre Jacques Berque Rabat, Morocco
20-21 October 2012

Non-western clothing styles are generally referred to as ‘traditional dress’ in the literature and defined as being characteristic for a specific region and statically handed down from one generation to the next while ‘fashionable’ dress, on the other hand, is characterized by fashion trends, that is rapid changes, and spread over large areas, generally the western world. However, due to rapid changes in many non-western regions following external influences and internal developments, this dichotomy is no longer always accurate.

Numerous non-western clothing styles are far from static, successfully incorporating social, cultural, economic, political and religious developments in society and increasingly spreading over large areas due to migration and/or the successful non-western fashion designers. Also, it is too often suggested that the most important threat of local clothing styles is the arrival of foreign (western) clothing styles on a large scale on the local market. But again, numerous examples show a remarkable interaction between foreign and local clothing styles in contemporary non-western societies, even stimulating each other’s consumption and/or influencing each other, resulting in new hybrid clothing styles. It has been shown that both can coexist peacefully, for wearers use them to express different aspects of their dynamic, multiple identities.

This conference wishes to assemble social scientists who are engaged in creative and critical rethinking of non-western clothing styles/fashion in ways that may include, but certainly are not limited to the ideas above.